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Linear axes with lead screw drive

Lead screw axes overview
The lead screw drive is one of the drive systems of the linear drives. The linear movement of the moving body is generated by a rotating lead screw and transmitted to the lead screw nut. So it is a rotary movement converted into a linear motion. drylin® linear axes with lead screw drive are designed for positioning tasks of all kinds. The linear adjustment takes place via trapezoidal lead screws of different sizes or via high helix lead screws, which can be set in motion either manually or electrically. The max. travel speed is up to 1.6m/min, depending on thread and load. Stroke length is freely selectable for any linear drive system. A plain-bearing-mounted lead screw has a maximum stroke of 1,500mm, a ball-bearing-mounted one 1,000mm.
What you will find on this page:

Our lead screw axes at a glance

Here you will find an overview of our product portfolio of linear axes with lead screw drives. Whether with round shafts or linear rails - you will find the right lead screw unit here.

Linear axes SHT

drylin® SHT linear axes
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high-helix lead screws
  • Lead screw drives with plain ball bearings
  • Lead screws made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Carriage in either quad block or compact design
  • Configurable online
More about drylin SHT linear axes

SLW linear axes

drylin® SLW linear axes
  • Linear axes based on drylin W guides
  • Drive: trapezoidal or high helix thread
  • Torsion-resistant double shaft systems
  • Many carriage and rail options
  • Manual and motorised adjustments possible
More about drylin SLW linear axes

SAW linear axes

drylin® SAW linear axes
  • Linear axes based on drylin W guides
  • Drive: trapezoidal or high helix thread
  • Robust design
  • Ready-to-install with stepper or DC motors
  • Ball bearing
More about drylin SAW linear axes

Miniature linear axis SLN/SLNV

drylin® SLN/SLNV linear axes
  • Based on drylin N low-profile linear guide
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Compact design
  • Clearance adjustment on carriage
  • Precise with pre-load
More about drylin SLN linear axes

Single-tube linear axis SET

drylin® linear axes SET
  • Lubrication-free single-tube adjustment
  • Drive: trapezoidal thread
  • Simple, smooth design
  • Low weight due to aluminium and polymer
  • Temperature-resistant up to +50°C
More about single-tube axes easytube

Low-profile SLT linear axes

drylin® SLT linear axes
  • Based on drylin T miniature guides
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Low-profile and compact design
  • Carriages with individual clearance adjustment
  • Variable lead screw options
More about drylin SLT linear axes

Advantages of lead screw axes

When a cost-effective, ready-to-install solution is desired, lead screw axes are often the first choice. You can see here what other advantages the linear drive has over other systems with the aid of a lead screw:

Precise positioning

By directly converting the rotating motion from the lead screw to linear motion, very accurate and repeatable positioning is achieved, which is critical in tight tolerance and high precision applications.

Compact design

Lead screw axes are also available in particularly small versions. Their compact design makes them perfect for all applications where only a small amount of installation space is available. Also discover our complete miniature series.

Heavy duty

High load capacity

Lead screw drives in linear modules are able to carry and move very high loads. In contrast to flexible toothed belts, for example, lead screw axes can ensure efficient force transmission thanks to their low rigidity.


Low-friction movement

Linear modules with lead screw drives are exceptionally low-friction. The constant, precise movement of the lead screw drive minimises friction and thus also wear on the components. This ensures a longer service life for the entire lead screw axis.

Structure of a lead screw axis

A lead screw axis contains several complex components that must fit together perfectly. A precise structure plays a key role in the performance and accuracy of the linear axis. Here you can see the most important components at a glance.
Lead screw axis of igus in cross section
1. Bearing
High-quality bearings minimise coefficient of friction and also ensure a uniform rotary movement. As a rule, roller bearings, ball bearings or plain bearings are used here. igus® uses plastic bearings and plastic nuts without lubrication for all linear rails with lead screw drives.

2. Shaft
Linear axes with lead screw drives can, for example, be equipped with unsupported round shafts, and also fully supported with linear rails. With igus® you can choose from three different shaft materials, depending on the application: aluminium, stainless steel or carbon.

3. Lead screw
The lead screw is the actual heart of the lead screw axis. This rotates around its own axis and thus transmits the movement. It is a cylindrical component that is available in a variety of designs. At igus® you will find trapezoidal threads and high helix threads in numerous pitches.
4. Base structure
The base structure of the linear axis with lead screw drive holds the individual components together strongly. This can also be made of different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, zinc or plastic. We would be happy to work together to find the right material for your application.

5. Lead screw end
The lead screw end helps keep the lead screw in a fixed and strong position. It ensures that the lead screw does not move sideways or wobble while rotating or moving linearly. It therefore plays a very important role in precision.

6. Accessories
Once the lead screw axis is fully assembled, what is left are, of course, the right accessories. Here users can choose between mechanical and electrical options. The classics here are the hand wheel, as shown in the example, along with suitable electric motors.

Different materials within the axis

lead srew

Lead screw materials

igus uses self-locking trapezoidal lead screws made of steel and stainless steel for all drylin linear units. Lead screws made of hard-coated aluminium are also available upon request for special applications. For some series, high helix lead screws made of stainless steel are also optionally available and configurable. These options make it possible to achieve significantly higher travel speeds and pitches.
Shaft material

Shaft materials

Shafts made of hard-anodised aluminium belong to the standard range and are the most frequently used version. The reason is a low coefficient of friction and wear and short delivery times. If the linear axes with lead screw drive (SHT) type is used, steel or stainless steel shafts are conceivable in addition to aluminium. We would be happy to work with you to find the right version.

Bearing materials

Without the use of external lubricants and also maintenance-free? This applies to all bearing points of the drylin linear units for drive technology. The high-performance polymers are optionally available for applications with high temperatures up to +180°C (iglidur X). If FDA-compliant components are required, iglidur A180 bearing materials will help.


Drive technology configurator

Individual lead screw axes according to your wishes

With the online configurator for drive technology, after entering your requirements, you will receive linear drives with lead screw, toothed belt or rack and pinion drive, which you can configure according to your needs. Motors, motor control systems and other accessories for your linear drives can also be ordered directly.
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Optional accessories
  • Detailed parts list
  • Fast delivery*
To the drive technology configurator
* If you want things to go very quickly: You can also find preconfigured linear drives with and without electric motors in our drive technology online shop.

Application examples with lead screw axes

Free sample & white paper

Miniature lead screw sample

Sample Order your free drylin® miniature linear module in a practical glasses case now and see our products for yourself.
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White paper download

Drive technology white paper Linear axis with lead screw drive or toothed belt? Find out which drive elements are worthwhile and when.
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