Double joint

Cut costs and save money using removable ball studs

Customer specific dimensions and designs can be removed on both sides, which enables them to be replaced.

Maintenance free

Ball studs made out of steel, stainless steel, plastic

Easy assembly and disassembly of the ball studs due to defined forces

Configurable online


Double joint areas of application:Automotive industry, automation, agricultural engineering, plant construction, automotive engineering

Double joint  
Double joint  
Double joint  
Alternative for prototype construction and small batches

igubal® double spherical bearing WDGM

igubal® variable double spherical bearing

igubal® double spherical bearing WDGM    

Removable angled joints

Easy assembly and disassembly of the ball pins by defined forces

Removable angled joints    

igubal® coupling bars configurator

For serial applications - alternative: double joint WDGM
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