igubal® rod end bearing

The igubal® rod end bearing can also be used in tough environments. They are corrosion-resistant in humid environments and resistant to weak acids and bases. The operating temperatures of the rod ends range from
-30 to +80 °C. Rod ends are also resistant to dirt and dust.
igubal® detectableThe igubal® CL DT bearings can be found quickly in case of misuse or a system crash due to their detectable material. Even the smallest fragments can be found by metal detectors.

When to use a rod end bearing?

If you want to save weight

For rotating, oscillating and linear movements

If high-frequency oscillations/ vibrations occur

If quiet operation is required

If you need an electrically insulating part

If corrosion resistance is required

In combination with pneumatic cylinders and gas struts

If chemical resistance is required

If high stiffness is required

If they should be detectable

When to not use a rod end bearing?

In temperatures over +80 °C (then the HT variants are more suitable)

If rotational speeds higher than 0.5 m/s are required

If really high tensile and axial forces occur

When applications are operated with a hydraulic cylinder

If dimensions above 30 mm are required

Rod end bearing product range

Rod end bearing with female thread  

igubal® rod end bearing, female thread

Rod end bearing with female thread in metric and imperial dimensions.

Rod end bearing with male thread  

igubal® rod end bearing, male thread

Rod end bearing with male thread in metric and imperial dimensions

Rod end bearing for simplified assembly  

igubal® rod end bearing CL

Rod end bearing for simplified assembly with male and female thread in metric dimensions.

Rod end bearing for simplified assembly  

igubal® rod end bearing

Rod end bearing for simplified assembly, detectable with female thread in metric dimensions.

Accessories for rod ends

igubal® fitting screw, mm

Fitting screw with circlip

igubal® fitting screw, mm    
Rod ends  

Special properties of the igubal® rod end bearing

Maintenance-free, self lubricating

High stiffening

Very high fatigue strength in varying loads

Compensation for alignment errors

Compensation of edge loads

Insensitive to dirt, dust and lint balls

Resistant to corrosion and chemicals

High dampening qualities

Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements

Very low weight

Dimensional series K and E, dimensions according to DIN ISO 12240

Version with metal sleeve in the spherical ball for enhanced torque

Rod end bearing tolerances

igubal rod ends can be used with different tolerances depending on the individual application. They are designed with a large clearance in the standard product, which enables a secure operation even under high peripheral speeds. The bore of the spherical ball is produced to a standard tolerance range E10. Shafts should also meet recommended tolerances h6 and h9.
Please contact us if you require lower or additional bearing tolerances for a rod end bearing.

Rod end bearing loads

igubal® rod ends absorb high forces in normal ambient temperatures, have excellent dampening properties while weighing only a fifth of the conventional metallic bearing housing.
In applications with high continuous loads and high temperatures, the load capacity of the igubal® rod end bearing should be tested in the application simulation.

Coefficients of sliding friction and speed of the rod end bearing

The shaft should rotate within the iglidur® W300 bearing ball. In metallic rod ends, rotary motion takes place between the race and the spherical bearing. Taking the radial loads into account, maximum surface speeds up to 0.5 m/s rotating can be attained.
The maintenance-free igubal® rod ends also enable linear and oscillating movements of the shaft without additional measures.

Rod end bearing product range

igubal® rod ends are available in the dimensional series K and E for shaft diameters of 2 to 30 mm in all dimensions in accordance with DIN ISO 12240 and respectively in

type A – with outside thread and

type B – with inside thread

The dimensional series K and some series E products are also available in imperial dimensions as well as a special version containing a stainless steel sleeve in the spherical ball. This allows a significantly higher tightening torque than for the standard plastic ball. Please contact us if you need other dimensions for rod ends.


Dimensional series K in A+B variants for temperatures upt to
+200°C (HAT material).

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